Whether you call them feature walls, accent walls or statement wallpaper, they’re a great place to let your creative vision fly free. Printed on easy to apply adhesive rolls, it’s space to express yourself, impress visitors and bring energy and beauty into any room.

Cost is calculated by area, so you can go large with your design to any size that suits your space.

IMPORTANT: We use the latest high quality digital printing technology to print our Feature Wall Adhesive Print(s) – up with the best in the industry. The prints will be provided to size with a bleed for overlapping should they be supplied in more than one drop. The maximum print width for drops is 150cm, so if your print size exceeds this width it will be provided in more than one piece. We can print to virtually any depth.
Your Feature Wall Adhesive Print(s) we supply will be printed on an adhesive that is termed a ‘removable adhesive’ but as with most adhesives it may not be totally removable on every surface and is not suitable to apply to a textured surface. If the surface being adhered to is vulnerable then the removable adhesive may damage that surface (when pulled off) – please double check prior to applying as we will not be held responsible for damage to any surfaces. The adhesive may also become less ‘removable’ over time, depending on the surface.

Please note: The concept behind our Feature Wall Adhesive Print(s) is that they are a do-it-yourself (DIY) product that you can apply yourself. If you are in any way concerned about your ability to do this please engage a professional. We do have professional installers available at an extra cost within the Auckland region only. We will not replace product you damage in the process of applying to the wall.
If your photos uploaded are good quality your Feature Wall Adhesive Print(s) we produce for you will also be very good quality (see our photo sizing information). It is important to note though, this is not photographic printing. It is large format digital printing onto the adhesive substrate.

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